Micro Composition

What is c?

c is a simple composition framework. You have the ability to create transformations that are either unidirectional or bidirectional. There is also a cache that values can be set and resolved.

Where can c be used?

c can be used anywhere to create transformations or interact with the cache.


BiDirectionalTransformation of String and Int

let transformer = c.transformer(
    from: { string in Int(string) },
    to: { int in "\(String(describing: int))" }

let string = transformer.to(3)
let int = transformer.from("3")

try t.assert(transformer.to(int), isEqualTo: string)


c.set(value: Double.pi, forKey: "?")

let pi: Double = c.get("?") ?? 0

try t.assert(pi, isEqualTo: .pi)

let resolvedValue: Double = c.resolve("?")

try t.assert(resolvedValue, isEqualTo: .pi)


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