Clendar - minimal calendar

Minimal Calendar & Widgets.

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Calendar app should be made simpler. Whether you are looking for not only an app to jot down your calendar events, but also an app with simple design? Clendar could be the one you are looking for, with features like widget, themes, keyboard shortcuts, natural language parsing...

Meet Clendar, a calendar built with simplicity and minimalism in mind.

Main features:

  • Widget, with customizable dark/light themes
  • Keyboard shortcuts supported! Clendar now support various keyboard shortcuts at your convenience.
  • Siri shortcuts
  • Apple Watch complications
  • Universal app. Can run on iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch.
  • Custom app icons
  • Natural language parsing. Just type down "do something next Friday at 8PM" and Clendar will try to automatically parse the phrases when creating calendar event. (This feature can be turned off in the settings)
  • Lunar day view.
  • Dark and light mode built in.
  • Accessibility support.
  • Localizations support

And so much more...!

Tech stacks


  • SwiftUI (and UIKit interoperability)
  • iPadOS
  • WidgetKit
  • SiriKit
  • EventKit/EvenKitUI
  • WatchKit
  • Combine
  • macCatalyst (coming soon..)

Build delivery tool

  • Fastlane

Package Managers

  • Swift Package Manager
  • CocoaPods


  • SwiftLint


  • SwiftFormat



  • Xcode 12.0
  • iOS 14.0
  • watchOS 7.0
  • Ruby (for Fastlane build automation)