SwiftfulSaving ?

Native data persistence for iOS applications.

Setup time: 5 minutes

Sample project: https://github.com/SwiftfulThinking/SwiftfulSavingExample

Overview ?

Almost every native iOS application requires some form of local data persistence. This framework attempts to abstract that logic so that developers can save any type of data with a few lines of code.

Setup ☕️

Add the package to your xcode project


Import the package

import SwiftfulSaving

SwiftfulSaving supports saving to:

  • FileManager (FM)
  • CoreData (CD)
  • UserDefaults (UD)

Generally, saving data requires the following steps:

  1. Create a parent-level directory where data will be saved
  2. Create a child-level service within the parent-level directory
  3. Conform your data type to the appropriate protocols
  4. Use the service to perform the operations

See the Wiki for full documentation (in progress).


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