Package provides a CalendarView which can be used to display simple calendar in your App.

You’d have to pass getEventsNumber and perform functions which will be used to:

  • getEventsNumbers(Date?) – will be called for each date cell for currently displaying month
  • perform(Date) – will be called on tap of date cell
  • monthChanged(Int) – will be changed when month is scrolled (i.e. changed)

Calendar gets events only for selected month – so if your view model depends on month, use monthChanged to update data


import DeadSimpleCalendar

// makeMockData() creates random number of events through provided year -> 2021
// number of events for day will change highlighting of cell
let mockEvents = DeadSimpleCalendar.makeMockData()
struct YourDeadSimpleCalendarView: View {
    // selected date (when user taps on date)
    @State private var selectedDate: Date = Date()
    // selected month index (0 -> Jan, 11 -> Dec)
    @State private var selectedMonth: Int = 0
    var body: some View {
                getEventsNumber: { date in
                    guard date != nil else { return 0 }

                    if let item = mockEvents[date!] {
                        return item
                    return 0
                perform: { d in
                    selectedDate = d
                monthChanged: { month in
                    // can be used to update viewModel to query data for selected month
                    selectedMonth = month
            VStack(spacing: 5){
                Text("Selected month index: \(selectedMonth)")
                Text("Selected date: \(selectedDate.ISO8601Format())")
struct YourDeadSimpleCalendarView_Previews: PreviewProvider {
    static var previews: some View {


DeadSimpleCalendar Demo


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