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✅ Nested JSON serialization
✅ Combine framework
✅ Staggered grid with Pagination
✅ handled idle, loading, loaded, error state
✅ Search option, managed most usecases.
✅ Download image to user device

⚠️ Before you run this project you need to add your accessKey.

Don’t know how to add accessKey?

  1. Create Unsplash account
  2. At the top right corner open the menu
  3. Select “Developers/API” under “Product”
  4. Select “Your Apps”
  5. Add a new app and copy the accessKey
  6. Open this project
  7. Open /UnsplashPhotosApp/Utility/ApiKeys.swift this file
  8. Paste your accessKey there

Screen recordings

Illustration Credit

People vector created by iwat1929 – www.freepik.com


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