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A CPR trainer right around your wrist!

About Pocket CPR

Pocket CPR is an Apple Watch app that teaches the basics of Hands-Only and Traditional CPR methods through tutorials and interactive cadence timers.

? For best experience, Settings > Display & Brightness to Wake for 70 ?

⌚️ Interactive Learning

The timers on Pocket CPR include vibrations, pulse animations, and colors to guide you through adminstrating safe, effective CPR.

? Cadence Timers

Hands-Only and Traditional CPR cadence timers are available on Pocket CPR. Learn about proper hand techniques, cadence, and process of CPR.

? Informative Tutorials

Pocket CPR includes multiple tutorials that explain proper CPR form, compression rates, Hands-Only CPR, Traditional CPR, and much more.

? Be Prepared

It is estimated that more than 659,000 deaths a year occur within the United States due to heart attacks. Employing effective CPR methods can double or triple chances of a victim’s survival of a heart attack. Learn CPR using Pocket CPR, and be prepared to save a life.

Project Structure

ContentView contains the onboarding display with the Hands-Only, Traditional, and “About Pocket CPR” options

Views/About contains all files for the About Page of Pocket CPR which includes a slideshow tutorial explaining the basics of CPR

Views/Hands-Only contains all files for the Hands-Only Page of Pocket CPR

  • Views/Hands-Only/HandsOnlyView contains options for viewing a Hands-Only CPR timer or tutorial
  • Views/Hands-Only/HandsOnlyTimeran interactive cadence timer (pulses and vibrations) for Hands-Only CPR repeating 60 compressions
  • Views/Hands-Only/HandsOnlyTutorial a step-by-step slideshow demonstration of Hands-Only CPR

Views/Traditional contains all files for the Traditional Page of Pocket CPR

  • Views/Traditional/TraditionalView contains options for viewing a traditional CPR timer or tutorial
  • Views/Traditional/TraditionalTimer an interactive cadence timer alternating between 60 compressions and 2 breaths
  • Views/Traditional/TraditionalTutorial a step-by-step slideshow demonstration of Traditional CPR

Views/Settings includes settings options for Pocket CPR

  • Views/Settings/SettingsView contains options for toggling vibrations, changing pulse colors, and altering compression rate
  • Views/Settings/ColorPickerView a color picker view for changing the compression and breathing cadence pulses

Environment includes ObservableObject for Settings and a global class containing WatchResolution functions

  • Environment/UserSettings contains a global class for user settings
  • Environment/SizeResponsive includes functions that return values based off of dimensions of user’s Apple Watch


Download Pocket CPR

⌚️ App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/pocket-cpr-learn-cpr/id1632751633

? Product Hunt: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/pocket-cpr


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