An iOS client for stable diffusion

HandyDiffu is a third party client for AUTOMATIC1111/stable-diffusion-webui


Download from AppStore


Additional Features:

  1. Prompt automatic translation ( more than 50 languages supported, powered by MLKit )
  2. Send pictures directly to PixAI for super-resolution ( An app that uses CoreML for on device super-resolution, also developed by me. It support realesrgan realcugan gfpgan etc. Will be avaliable on AppStore soon. )

Server Deployment

You must having your own server to use this client!

  • For server deployment, please refer to Wiki and Enable API
  • You need to lanuch server with args "--api --listen".
  • For remote connection to your local PC, I personllay recommend using tailscale or frp, in case no having a public IP.


  1. Set your server api on settings tab, and make sure test connection return success
  2. Enable prompt translator on settings tab, and make sure translator download return success
  3. You can now enjoy your journey.


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