Ported Shamirs Secret Sharing Into A Swift Package

Based on Adi Shamir’s Secret Sharing ( The intent is to split a secret into multiple parts, called shares. The shares can then be used to reconstruct the original secret.


  • Build the script. You only need to build one time: swift build
  • Run with command: swift run shamirssecret <secret> -m <minimum_shares> -t <total_shares>
  • For example: swift run shamirssecret 98801 -m 5 -t 7
  • For a quick test, you can ignore the two last arguments. They’ll be set to the default 3 and 6.


  • If the script errors a boatload of unknowns, open the Xcode Project, click the main.swift, and build.
  • If the script errors out with “xcrun: error: unable to find utility “xctest”, not a developer tool or in PATH” then make sure to CD into the Sources directory of the project.
  • If the script errors out with “error: root manifest not found”, check that xcode-select -p returns with:
    /Applications/ If not, set the location for Command Line Tools in Xcode by opening Xcode then clicking Preferences, then Locations.


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