Example Conversation

HealthGPT is an experimental iOS app that allows users to interact with their health data stored in the Apple Health app using natural language.

Built on top of CardinalKit (via the CardinalKitTemplateApplication) and OpenAI, HealthGPT offers an easy-to-extend solution for those looking to make large language model powered apps within the Apple Health ecosystem.


  • Chat-style interface for user-friendly health data interaction
  • Integration with the Apple Health app to ensure seamless first-party data usage
  • Extensible architecture built on CardinalKit for easy customization
  • GPT-3.5 + GPT-4 access through the OpenAI Swift module
  • Out of the box support for querying sleep, step count, active energy, exercise minutes, heart rate, and body mass.

Set Up

  1. Clone this repository.
  2. Open src/TemplateApplication.xcodeproj in Xcode. Wait for all dependencies to install and indexing to finish.
  3. Replace the OpenAI API key in MessageInputView.swift with your own from OpenAI’s dashboard.
  4. Run the app (on device or in the simulator) and play with HealthGPT on your own data ?

Note: if you’re using the simulator, you will need to manually add data in the Health app. Otherwise, all of your results will read zero.

You can add queries for additional HealthKit quantities and categories as follows:

  1. Edit src/TemplateApplication/HealthDataFetcher.swift to create an appropriate query for your data type.
  2. Update the prompt in src/TemplateApplication/MessageInputView.swift to pass the newly acquired data to the OpenAI API.

For any other quick changes (such as adding an onboarding flow), refer to the CardinalKitTemplateApplication repo.


  • stream GPT responses to the client in order to hide latency (currently broken in the SPM module: MacPaw/OpenAI#14)
  • store the API key in a config/plist file (or generally in a more secure way)
  • enable users to disconnect health data streams at will
  • provide support for more HealthKit types
  • chain LLM queries to first identify which data to pull from HealthKit and then construct a prompt
  • access data from the current day
  • Siri integration
  • whisper.cpp integration within the chat interface

Feel free to create a PR with any code that you might find helpful!


HealthGPT is provided for general informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Large language models, such as those provided by OpenAI, are known to hallucinate and at times return false information. The use of HealthGPT is at your own risk. Always consult a qualified healthcare provider for personalized advice regarding your health and well-being.


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