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?‍♂️ Why another GPT mac app?

Did the world really need another Mac Desktop App?… I’d say so!

All desktop apps are webviews around ChatGPT, I didn’t see a lot of native solutions using the API. So this started as a small project to scrathc my own itch.

OmniPrompt Logo

? What it is now

This is V1, with a focus on getting quick access to GPT on your Mac. Nothing fancy, just handy.

? What it could be

A purely native MacOS app, that could switch between OpenAI, Bard, Llama, or any other service out there.

Image generation, video generation, text, … OmniPrompt should be our playing ground, and ss a collective we are able to do this ?

✨ Features

  • Startup on login
  • Auto-fill the prompt with selected text
  • Shortcut keys
  • Quick copy

OmniPrompt Logo

?️ Jobs to be done

  • Token counter: Display tokens, and when token limit surpassed allowed API call limit (8k), take fewer messages
  • Personas: Create your own custom prompts, and switch on the fly.
  • Saved messages library: being able to save specific messages, and viewing them in a library
  • Text to speech: text to speech to fill in the prompt
  • …. your next idea?


I’m not the biggest social media guy, but you can find me on LinkedIn


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