FightCamp take home (iOS) ?

Hey! Congratulations on making it to the next step in the interview process. We look forward to having you potentially join the FightCamp family!


Replicate the FightCamp package selection designs into a shippable native iOS App using Swift and UIKit.

See the image below as a reference:


There are 3 packages available:

  • FightCamp Personal
  • FightCamp Tribe
  • FightCamp Connect

Goal level 1

One of the three packages is displayed on the screen.

In this case, we should be able to easily change the code so that another package can be displayed.

Goal level 2

The thumbnail section is interactive. The border color of the thumbnail and the preview image update when one of the 4 thumbnails is tapped on.

Goal level 3

All three packages are displayed on the screen and embedded into a scrolling view (UIScrollView, UITableView, UICollectionView). All three packages can be viewed by scrolling the screen up or down.


  • Must compile (No Errors or warnings)
  • Swift (No Objective-C)
  • UIKit (Not ready for SwiftUI yet!)
  • Layout is done programmatically (No storyboards or nibs)
  • Use MVVM architecture
  • Light & dark mode compatible
  • No third party libraries
  • Support all iPhones with a screen size greater than or equal to 4.7 inches (Support for iPad is not required)
  • The UI should not be hardcoded (Use packages.json to simulate an API call and populate the UI)

Project Submission

Download this repository to get access to the configured XCode project and the helper files.

Try to accomplish as many goal levels as you can.

Create a small README with the following items:

  • Small summary of the reasoning behind your technical decisions.
  • What is missing and why. (if applicable)
  • Any other information you believe is necessary for us to know about your submission.

Once completed, email us a Zipped version of your Xcode project with all source files.

Time allotment

It should take approximately 3 hours to complete Goal level 1.

It should take approximately 1 more hour in order to complete Goal level 2 & 3

Feel free to take extra time to perfect your solution.


Readability of the code (easy to read, easy to navigate, well structured) ++++
UI is performant and similar to the given example ++++
Respect of the architecture (e.g. UI separation from the model) +++
Simplicity of the solutions used +++
Use of the Swift functionalities +++
Formatting of the code and code comments ++

Helper Files

Files Description
Colors.swift Contains all needed UIColor
Fonts.swift Contains all UIFonts needed to style the labels
Layout.swift Contains all CGFloat layout dimensions
packages.json Contains the FightCamp packages metadata (json format)

Layout reference

Refer to this image below to build the UI


View Github