Screen recording and sketching application on top of a video layer


Possible features of the application:

  1. Overlaying layers on top of videos: Users can add different layers, such as images or graphics, on top of their videos to enhance the visual effects.
  2. Drawing and creating shapes and arrows: Users can freely draw on the video or create various shapes and arrows to highlight certain areas or provide additional information.
  3. Drawing angles: Users can draw angles on the video to demonstrate specific measurements or angles in a visual and interactive way.
  4. Timer element overlay: Users can add a timer element on top of the video, providing a visual representation of elapsed time or duration.
  5. Saving new videos: Users can save the modified videos with added layers, drawings, and timers as a separate file.
  6. Recording voice during drawing: Users can record their voice while they draw or annotate on the video, providing an additional explanation or commentary.
  7. Trimming the finished video: Users can crop or trim the final video to remove unnecessary parts or focus on specific sections.
  8. Precise time scrolling: Users can scroll through the video timeline with accuracy, allowing them to navigate to specific moments or frames within the video easily.
  9. Video speed: Users can change the speed of the video


  • SwiftUI
  • iOS 15+ iPad and iPhone
  • MVVM
  • Combine
  • AVKit
  • AVFoundation
  • ReplayKit

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License: MIT


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