? Remember everything.

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An open source approach to locally record everything you view on your Apple Silicon computer.

Note: Only tested on Apple Silicon, and the release is Apple Silicon.

Please log any bugs / issues you find!

Working on getting an Apple Development account for official distribution…

I think the idea of recording everything you see has the potential to change how we interact with our computers, and believe it should be open source.

Also, from a privacy / security perspective, this is like… pretty scary stuff, and I want the code open so we know for certain that nothing is leaving your laptop. Even logging to Sentry has the potential to leak private info.

This is 100% local. Please, read the code yourself.

This is crazy alpha version

I wrote this in a couple days over the holidays, and if there’s one takeaway, it’s that I’m a complete novice at Swift.

Build it yourself

  • Open project in Xcode
  • Clone and add it to the project
  • Product > Archive
  • Distribute App
  • Custom
  • Copy App

Getting Started

  • Build it yourself
    • If you really don’t want to, download release and run xattr -c This tells macos “all good”. I’m not malicious, but don’t take my word for it.
  • Launch the app
  • Click the brain
  • Click “Start Remembering”
  • Grant it access to “Screen Recording” i.e. take screenshots every 2 seconds
  • Click “Open timeline” or “Cmd + Scroll Up” to open the timeline view
    • Scroll left or right to move in time
  • Click “Search” to open the search view
    • Search your history and click on a thumbnail to go there in the timeline
  • In timeline, give Live Text a second and then you can select text
  • Click “Copy Recent Context” to grab a prompt for interacting with an LLM with what you’ve seen recently as context
  • Click “Purge All Data” to delete everything (useful if something breaks)

(that should be all that’s needed)

Current supports:

  • Going back in time (full-screen scrubber of everything you’ve viewed)
  • Copy text from back in time
  • Search everything you’ve viewed
  • Easily grab recent context for use with LLMs

Things I’d love to add:

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