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Your go-to app for managing daily notes, creative ideas, and to-do lists with ease. It’s packed with features like search capabilities, image attachment options and dark mode support making “Grilette” note management.

Features of Grilette

Adding and Editing Notes

  • Create detailed notes with dedicated title and content sections.
  • Freedom to edit your notes anytime, ensuring they always stay up-to-date.

Advanced Search

  • Quickly find what you’re looking for with fast and effective search in titles and contents.
  • Case-insensitive search means you won’t miss a thing.

Pinning Notes

  • Pin your most important notes for swift access.

Date and Time Information

  • Track creation and last edited dates for each note.

Adding Images

  • Enrich your notes with images, adding a visual dimension to your thoughts.

Dark Mode Support

  • Switch to dark mode to reduce eye strain and personalize your user experience.


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