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ex deep link openApp By deepLink

Appliction Description

  • The app does some of these tasks like request api to Network Layer and response Data and show the Data
  • The app can be Display 3 information (Image Movie, Name Movie, and Description Movie)
  • The app can be Movie Details when selelted any item for cell
  • The app can Open by Deep Link and Open Details specific Movie by Movie ID
  • The app can Receive Notifications from Firebase Cloud

Base MVP Design Architectureb Project for Swift and Firebase

  • using in the task MVP becouse in MVP the ViewController and Presenter are Independent of one anather and interact via InterFase.
  • using in the task Firebase becouse Push Notifications by Firebase Cloud Messaging

Examples for deep links

let deepLinkApp = "movieapp://"
let moviesListLink = "movieapp://home"
let movieDetailsLink = "movieapp://movieId/315162"
let listOfMovieID = [536554, 315162, 76600, 846433, 653851, 899112, 736526, 436270]

Steps for use it

  1. First open this Go to: Finder → Applications → Xcode → step Firebase Package → run project
  2. Now Congratulations!!! you can use this project


This Helper software licensed under the Zaghloul.


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