Shows the ISS live location.

Challenge tasks:

Project structure

  • Create repo.
  • Setup project.
  • Organize files following the MVVM pattern.
  • Install Cocoapods.
  • Install SwiftLint.

User Experience (UX) and Design

  • Setup app icon.
  • Setup App display name.
  • Setup Launch screen.
  • Add Navigation controller to HomeView.
  • Add Left Menu.
  • DetailViewController.


  • Code Constants struct.
  • Code Models.
  • Code Network layer.
  • Code PositionViewModel.
  • Code CrewViewModel.
  • Create HomeViewController.
  • Implement delegate pattern.
  • Code LeftMenuViewController.
  • Code LocationsLogViewController.
  • Implement CoreData.


  • Clone the repo or download the zipped project.
  • Open the ISSLive.xcworkspace.
  • On Xcode, select an iPhone simulator.
  • Run the project.


App functionality

App functionality

Menu functionality

Menu functionality