Shows your photo library grouped by events, to easily export them to your computer


Currently supported features:

  • reading your photo library
  • grouping medias: a media will be part of the same group as the previous one if they were taken less than 1 hour apart
  • share a group
  • delete a group
  • merge a group with the previous one (will be lost when restarting the app for now)

Planned features, if time permits:

  • localize the app in FR and EN
  • share/delete a single media
  • react to external library changes


I don’t like the UX on iOS and find it hard to use to easily export my pictures to my Mac. I don’t use iCloud Photo Library either since I don’t fully trust it and don’t want to spend the money on it. I rather like having full control of my files and this goes for my photos as well.

This tool was made in a weekend to help save some storage on my phone, it is in very alpha state, I cannnot and will not guarantee I will have any more time to spend on it.

You may open an issue for improvments, feel free to report any bugs, with a reproducible example if possible, and I’ll do my best to integrate it.


MIT, I guess?


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