Social Network

Social Network in SwiftUI with MVVM, Firebase for Login/Register and other database.

  • Using Firebase
    • Login with email
    • Register with email
  • Firestore
    • Save all details of register user
    • Upload profile picture
  • Post like
  • Publish the post
  • Fetch Profile detail
  • Fetch all posts
  • Fetch likes posts
  • Fetch all register users
  • Logout

To launch the mobile app, you will need:

  1. Create a Firebase account (App).
  2. Add the GoogleService-Info.plist file with your app data to the project (generated by Firebase).
  3. Enable Authentication in Firebase (Sign-in providers): Email/Password.
  4. Check and adjust the access rights of the Firestore Database (Cloud Firestore).

rules_version = '2';
service cloud.firestore {
  match /databases/{database}/documents {
    match /{document=**} {
      allow read, write: if request.auth != null;



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I have a clear focus on time-to-market and don’t prioritize technical debt. And I took part in the Pre-Sale/RFX activity as a System Architect, assessment efforts for Mobile (iOS-Swift, Android-Kotlin), Frontend (React-TypeScript) and Backend (NodeJS-.NET-PHP-Kafka-SQL-NoSQL). And I also formed the work of Pre-Sale as a CTO from Opportunity to Proposal via knowledge transfer to Successful Delivery.

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