Store Navigation Controller

Swift 5.7 platform iOS

UINavigationController driven by ComposableArchitecture‘s Store.

⚠️ NOTICE: This project is in beta phase. It depends on unreleased version of ComposableArchitecture. API-breaking changes might be introduced in upcoming releases.

? Description


  • Xcode ≥ 14.1
  • iOS ≥ 14
  • ComposableArchitecture ≥ ⚠️ (unreleased version, check Package.swift)

Add as a dependency to your Xcode project or Swift Package.

Define Destination reducer that will be represented by DestinationViewController on navigation controller’s stack:

struct Destination: ReducerProtocol {
  struct State: Equatable, Hashable {}

  enum Action: Equatable {
    case pushButtonTapped

  func reduce(into state: inout State, action: Action) -> EffectTask<Action> {
    switch action {
    case .pushButtonTapped:
      return .none

Define DestinationViewController that will represent Destination on UINavigationController‘s stack:

class DestinationViewController: UIViewController, NavigationDestinationViewController {
  let navigationId: AnyHashable
  let store: StoreOf<Destination>

  init(destination: NavigationStateOf<Destination>.Element, store: StoreOf<Destination>) {
    self.navigationId = = store
    // ...

  // ...

Manage navigation state from your feature reducer:

struct MyFeature: ReducerProtocol {
  struct State: Equatable {
    @NavigationStateOf<Destination> var navigation

  enum Action: Equatable {
    case navigation(NavigationActionOf<Destination>)

  var body: some ReducerProtocol<State, Action> {
    Reduce { state, action in
      switch action {
      case .navigation(.element(id: _, .pushButtonTapped)):
        return .none
      case .navigation(_):
        return .none
       action: /Action.navigation,
       destinations: Destination.init

Use NavigationControllerWithStore:

let store: StoreOf<Feature> = ...
let controller = NavigationControllerWithStore(
  store: store.scope(
    state: \.$navigation,
    action: Feature.Action.navigation
  destinationViewController: DestinationViewController.init(destination:store:)

For more advanced usage example, check out included example app.

? Examples

Open StoreNavigationController.xcworkspace in Xcode.

You can run example iOS app using ExampleApp build scheme.

Example app Example app

? Development

Open StoreNavigationController.xcworkspace in Xcode.

Project structure

StoreNavigationController [Xcode Workspace]
 ├─ store-navigation-controller [Swift Package]
 |   └─ StoreNavigationController [Library]
 └─ Examples [Xcode Project]
     ├─ ExampleApp [iOS App Target]
     └─ example-app [Swift Package]
         ├─ CounterFeature [Library]
         ├─ ExampleFeature [Library]
         └─ TimerFeature [Library]

Build schemes

Scheme Description
StoreNavigationController Build the library and run tests.
ExampleApp Build and run example iOS application.
ExampleApp_CounterFeature Build example app counter feature library.
ExampleApp_ExampleFeature Build example app feature library.
ExampleApp_TimerFeature Build example app timer feature library.

? License

Copyright © 2022 Dariusz Rybicki Darrarski

License: MIT


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