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Swift Logging Utility in Xcode & Google Docs

Log Levels

class MyAwesomeViewController: UIViewController {
    override func viewDidLoad() {
    func awesomeFunction() {


Works for both night mode and lightmode


Autocomplete Friendly: Type 2 Letters


Filter File Specific Logs:

Paste this where QorumLogs is initiliazed:



Google Docs Support:

In production, send all your logs to Google Docs with only 1 line of extra code.

  QorumLogs.enabled = false
  QorumOnlineLogs.enabled = true


Spot System Logs:

System logs are white (or black) after all, yours are not ?




  1. If you don’t have Alcatraz or XcodeColors installed, lets install them. Open up your terminal and paste this:

curl -fsSL https://raw.github.com/supermarin/Alcatraz/master/Scripts/install.sh | sh
  1. Restart Xcode after the installation
  2. Alcatraz requires Xcode Command Line Tools, which can be installed in Xcode > Preferences > Downloads. (You might not need this in the latest Xcode version)
  3. In Xcode click Window > Package Manager, type in ‘XcodeColors’ in the search bar. Click Install.
  4. Restart Xcode after the installation

Install via Cocoapods

You can use Cocoapods to install QorumLogs by adding it to your Podfile:

‘https://github.com/goktugyil/QorumLogs.git’ #Latest release for Swift 3.0
pod ‘QorumLogs’, :git => ‘https://github.com/goktugyil/QorumLogs.git’, :branch => ‘Swift2.3’ #For Swift 2.3
pod ‘QorumLogs’, ‘~> 0.8’ #For Swift 2.2


platform :ios, '8.0' # platform :tvos, '9.0' (for tvOS)

pod 'QorumLogs' #Stable release for Swift 3.0

pod 'QorumLogs', :git => 'https://github.com/goktugyil/QorumLogs.git' #Latest release for Swift 3.0
pod 'QorumLogs', :git => 'https://github.com/goktugyil/QorumLogs.git', :branch => 'Swift2.3' #For Swift 2.3
pod 'QorumLogs', '~> 0.8' #For Swift 2.2

(Cocoapods forces you to import the framework in every file. If anyone has a solution or workaround, inform me please)

Install via Carthage

You can install QorumLogs via Carthage by adding the following line to your Cartfile:

github "goktugyil/QorumLogs"

Install Manually

Download and drop ‘QorumLogs.swift’ in your project.

Check Installation Works Correctly

  1. In your AppDelegate or anywhere else enter this: (If Cocoapods or Carthage you must add import QorumLogs)

QorumLogs.enabled = true
  1. You will see something this:



Log Storage in GoogleDocs (Optional, ~4 minutes)

[Learn to integrate GoogleDocs](./Log To GoogleDocs.md)

Detailed Features:

Log Levels

Sets the minimum log level that is seen in the debug area:

  1. Debug – Detailed logs only used while debugging
  2. Info – General information about app state
  3. Warning – Indicates possible error
  4. Error – An unexpected error occured, its recoverable

  QorumLogs.minimumLogLevelShown = 2
  QorumOnlineLogs.minimumLogLevelShown = 4 // Its a good idea to have OnlineLog level a bit higher
  QL1("mylog") // Doesn't show this level anywhere, because minimum level is 2
  QL2("mylog")  // Shows this only in debugger
  QL3("mylog") // Shows this only in debugger
  QL4("mylog") // Shows this in debugger and online logs

QL methods can print in both Debugger and Google Docs, depending on which is active.

Hide Other Classes

You need to write the name of the actual file, you can do this by a string and also directly the class name can be appropriate if it is the same as the file name. Add the following code where you setup QorumLogs:


You do not need the extension of the file.

Print Lines

  QL2("Text between line")


Add Custom Colors

Add custom colors for Mac, iOS, tvOS:

    QorumLogs.colorsForLogLevels[0] = QLColor(r: 255, g: 255, b: 0)
    QorumLogs.colorsForLogLevels[1] = QLColor(red: 255, green: 20, blue: 147)


OnlineLogs – User Information

   QorumOnlineLogs.extraInformation["userId"] = "sfkoFvvbKgr"
   QorumOnlineLogs.extraInformation["name"] = "Will Smith"
   QL1("Will is awesome!")
   QL5("Will rules!")


You only need to set the extraInformation one time.

KZLinkedConsole support:

KZLinkedConsole is a plugin for Xcode which add clickable link to place in code from log was printed. All you need to do is install it. For more information go to https://github.com/krzysztofzablocki/KZLinkedConsole


How to delete rows inside google docs?

Unfortunately you can’t just select the rows inside Google Docs and delete them. You need to select the rows where there are row numbers, then right click, then press delete click “Delete rows x-y” http://i.imgur.com/0XyAAbD.png


  • Xcode 6 or later (Tested on 6.4)
  • iOS 7 or later (Tested on 7.1)
  • tvOS 9 or later

Possible features

  • Different colors for white and black Xcode themes
  • Easily editable colors
  • Device information to Google Docs
  • Google Docs shows in exact order
  • Automatically getting entry ids for Google Docs
  • Pod support with QL methods written customly

Thanks for making this possible


QorumLogs is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file.


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