Swift Package built on top of XMLCoder for Decoding RSS Feeds.

Built on top of XMLCoder by Max Desiatov, SyndiKit can be used to import and read site data whether from a WordPress site, RSS feeds, YouTube channel or podcast.


  • Import of RSS 2.0, Atom, and JSONFeed formats
  • Extensions for iTunes-compatabile podcasts, YouTube channels, as well as WordPress export data
  • User-friendly errors
  • Abstractions for format-agnostic parsing



Apple Platforms

  • Xcode 11.4.1 or later
  • Swift 5.2.4 or later
  • iOS 9.0 / watchOS 2.0 / tvOS 9.0 / macOS 10.10 or later deployment targets


  • Ubuntu 18.04 or later
  • Swift 5.2.4 or later

Swift Package Manager

Swift Package Manager is Apple's decentralized dependency manager to integrate libraries to your Swift projects. It is now fully integrated with Xcode 11.

To integrate SyndiKit into your project using SPM, specify it in your Package.swift file:

let package = Package(
  dependencies: [
    .package(url: "", from: "0.1.0")
  targets: [
          name: "YourTarget",
          dependencies: ["SyndiKit", ...]),

If this is for an Xcode project simply import the repo at:


SyndiKit provides models and utilities for decoding RSS feeds of various formats and extensions.

Decoding Your First Feed

You can get started decoding your feed by creating your first SynDecoder. Once you've created you decoder you can decode using SynDecoder/decode(_:):

let decoder = SynDecoder()
let empowerAppsData = Data(contentsOf: "empowerapps-show.xml")!
let empowerAppsRSSFeed = try decoder.decode(empowerAppsData)

Working with Abstractions

Rather than working directly with the various formats, SyndiKit abstracts many of the common properties of the various formats. This enables developers to be agnostic regarding the specific format.

let decoder = SynDecoder()

// decoding a RSS 2.0 feed
let empowerAppsData = Data(contentsOf: "empowerapps-show.xml")!
let empowerAppsRSSFeed = try decoder.decode(empowerAppsData)
print(empowerAppsRSSFeed.title) // Prints "Empower Apps"

// decoding a Atom feed from YouTube
let kiloLocoData = Data(contentsOf: "")!
let kiloLocoAtomFeed = try decoder.decode(kiloLocoData)
print(kiloLocoAtomFeed.title) // Prints "Kilo Loco"

Specifying Formats

If you wish to access properties of specific formats, you can attempt to cast the objects to see if they match:

let empowerAppsRSSFeed = try decoder.decode(empowerAppsData)
if let rssFeed = empowerAppsRSSFeed as? RSSFeed {
  print( // Prints "Empower Apps"

let kiloLocoAtomFeed = try decoder.decode(kiloLocoData)
if let atomFeed = kiloLocoAtomFeed as? AtomFeed {
  print(atomFeed.title) // Prints "Empower Apps"

Accessing Extensions

In addition to supporting RSS, Atom, and JSONFeed, SyndiKit also supports various RSS extensions for specific media including: YouTube, iTunes, and WordPress.

You can access these properties via their specific feed formats or via the Entryable/media property on Entryable.

let empowerAppsRSSFeed = try decoder.decode(empowerAppsData)
switch empowerAppsRSSFeed.children.last?.media {
  case .podcast(let podcast):
    print(podcast.title) // print "WWDC 2018 - What Does It Mean For Businesses?"
    print("Not a Podcast! ?‍♂️")

let kiloLocoAtomFeed = try decoder.decode(kiloLocoData)
switch kiloLocoAtomFeed.children.last?.media {
  case .video(.youtube(let youtube):
    print(youtube.videoID) // print "SBJFl-3wqx8"
    print(youtube.channelID) // print "UCv75sKQFFIenWHrprnrR9aA"
    print("Not a Youtube Video! ?‍♂️")