A SwiftUI interface for using resizableImage(withCapInsets:) / 9-Patch images as view backgrounds.

Example use screenshot


  1. Install via SPM.
  2. Design a background image for tiling similar to 9-Patch) and note the dimensions.
  3. Create a NinePatchConfig.
  4. Create your SwiftUI view with NinePatch(config:).
  5. Optionally, give it a fill color like: .fill(.red).

struct NinePatchConfigs {
  static let roundedRect = NinePatchConfig(
    // Your tiling UIImage
    patchImage: #imageLiteral(resourceName: "rounded_rect_shadow"),
    // The radius of the content's corners.
    // Allows coloring only the contents if using a partially transparent rounded rect.
    cornerRadius: 15,
    // The dimentions of the corner and side segments of your image.
    capInsets: .init(
        top: 19,
        leading: 15,
        bottom: 19,
        trailing: 15
    // The padding required to align the content area with the border images.
    contentPadding: .init(
        top: 4,
        leading: 8,
        bottom: 12,
        trailing: 8

import NinePatch
import SwiftUI

struct ContentView: View {
    var body: some View {
        NinePatch(config: NinePatchConfigs.roundedRect)


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