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About SystemNotification

SystemNotification is a SwiftUI library that lets you mimic the native iOS system notification that for instance is presented when toggling silent mode on and off.

The result can look like this…or completely different:

These notifications have a default style, but can be customized to fit your specific app.


Swift Package Manager


pod SystemNotification

Getting started

SystemNotification lets you present any SwiftUI view as iOS system notifications, which are the ones that appear from the top when you e.g. toggle Silent Mode or connect your AirPods.

System notifications are added just as you add a sheet, alert and fullScreenModal:


You can either add a view- or context-based system notification.

Read more here


The SystemNotification documentation contains extensive information, code examples etc. and makes it easy to overview the various parts of the library.

You can either download the documentation or build it directly in Xcode, using Product/Build Documentation.

Demo app

This repo contains a basic demo app that demonstrates how to use the bottom sheet.

Just open the Demo project and run the app.

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SystemNotification is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


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