Test code to practice MVVM and Repository

The idea behind TransactionList

The whole project is a test of using MVVM, something I never use in IOS, and having a Database to store the data acting as a repository pattern.

Here is a simple flow of what I have in mind:

Use the app

The app is simple. Add a new transaction, with the + button. And then you can swipe to delete it.


This controller was much easier and didn’t need an interaction directly with the database. So I decided to use a simple MVC pattern, using a delegate return the created object to the ListController.

Things to improve


This is my first time using realm, so there must be a lot of things to improve there.

Delete things

I don’t feel comfortable with the solution on how to delete a row. I did not store on the Model, so I must find the ID to be te deleted using the indexpath.

Add the possibility to pick a date and not be auto assigned

Right now, a new Date.now is used every time a transaction is added. Put a DatePicker in the screen


Transaction list Add transaction


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