In-World Navigation

This mod displays in-world holographic arrows for quest/point of interest navigation, mirroring the dots in the minimap. They’re currently displayed all of the time, but will eventually be configurable.



Get the latest release herepacked-v*.zip in the release contains all of the requirements listed below at their most up-to-date versions (at the time of release). Simply extract it and copy the contents in your game’s installation folder. If you’re upgrading, you may want to delete the contents of the r6/scripts/in_world_navigation folder, since files may have been renamed/removed.

If you want to install the mod outside of a release (not recommended), the build/ folder in the repo contains all of the mod-specific files that you can drag into your game’s installation folder.



If you come across something that doesn’t work quite right, or interferes with another mod, search for or create an issue! I have a lot of things on a private TODO list still, but can start to move things to Github issues.

Special thanks to @psiberx for Codeware Lib, InkPlayground Demo, and Redscript & CET examples on Discord, @WopsS for RED4ext, @jac3km4 for Redscript toolkit, @yamashi for CET and the E-mode mod (very helpful in figuring out how to work with FMOD), @rfuzzo & team (especially @seberoth!) for WolvenKit, and all of them for being helpful on Discord.


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