This is my very first AR project so far ?. It is really fun to play around with 3D object seeing through phone ?. What I achieved so far is understanding the fundamental setup for AR project, loading 3D object from reality composer, parenting one object to another and animating 3D object based on user’s actions. That’s it. To be honest ?, I still have no idea to answer ‘What’s Augmented Reality?’ though. Mmm, it seems I need more learning on it. Definitely ?! Today is enough. That’s all I want to say ?.



Running project

This project is created using Xcode 13.1. Make sure your Xcode version is at least 13.1. And you may also need the real device to run project.

First, you need to download the project. You can use terminal commands to download it.

git clone https://github.com/dscyrescotti/TinyToyTank.git
cd TinyToyTank
open TinyToyTank.xcodeproj

After that, you will see Xcode opening. Make sure your device is connected to your mac. Then choose run destination to your device instead of simulator and hit play button. Now you can enjoy app ?.


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