SwiftDux Todo App

A reference implementation of a todo app to test out SwiftUI using SwiftDux. This example is still a work in progress. There's partial iPad support, but SwiftUI's split view and navigation functionality is still not fully complete. It currently requires iOS 13.1 to work properly.

Things to do:

Some of the items below are possible now if using a custom built SplitView and deprecated APIs. The point of this project though is to see what's possible in SwiftUI while it develops.

  • Multi-window support with UIScene.
  • Split view navigation button to expand / collapse the master view.
    • This is currently missing. It was also missing in the SwiftUI Essentials video.
  • Remove arrows from master view on iPad.
    • This is an implemenation detail of NavigationLink.
  • Autofocus text fields when adding a new item.