Image Coordinate Space

UICoordinateSpace for UIImageView image.


Convert CGPoint from image coordinates to view coordinates:

import ImageCoordinateSpace

let imageSpace = imageView.contentSpace()
let imageTopLeft = imageSpace.convert(, to: imageView)

Convert CGPoint from view coordinates to image coordinates:

let viewTopLeft = imageSpace.convert(, from: imageView)

Similar conversions are available for CGRect:

let imageRect = CGRect(x: 321, y: 102, width: 63, height: 64)
let viewRect = imageSpace.convert(imageRect, to: imageView)

and from view coordinates to image coordinates:

let viewRect = CGRect(x: 107, y: 68, width: 21, height: 42.667)
let imageRect = imageSpace.convert(viewRect, from: imageView)


Add positioned image overlay

Open included Xcode Example project to see Xcode Playground: Example/Visual.playground

Demonstrate image ovelay placement



  • add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'ImageCoordinateSpace'

  • run pod install


  • add to your Cartfile:

    github "paulz/ImageCoordinateSpace"

  • run carthage update

  • link your app with ImageCoordinateSpace.framework from Carthage/Build/iOS folder

Unit tests

To run included unit tests install dependencies via Carthage:

carthage bootstrap

Run tests:

xcodebuild test -scheme ImageCoordinateSpace -destination 'platform=iOS Simulator,name=iPhone X'

See them pass at lightning speed:

Test Suite 'All tests' passed at 2017-12-13 08:07:14.826.
Executed 36 tests, with 0 failures (0 unexpected) in 0.013 (0.023) seconds