Xpad v1.0

Use iOS devices as game controller for PC via usb-lighting cable.

How to use


  • Download all files of this project.
  • [iOS] Open /Xpad/XpadIOSClient/XpadIOSClient.xcworkspace using Xcode, connect your device and build XpadIOSClient on it.
  • [PC] Install python module vgamepad pip install vgamepad .
  • [PC] Install iTunes, inorder to install usbmuxd service for providing TCP connection over USB pipe.

When ready

  1. Connect your device to your windows PC.

  2. Run XpadIOSClient on your device, click “Start Listen”.


  3. Run PC client, create a virtual controller using vgamepad and send connect request to device.

    cd /Xpad/XpadPCClient
    python main.py
  4. On XpadIOSClient, click “Accept Connection”.

  5. Have fun!


  • This is a toy I built to play Forza Horizon 4, in order to take advantage of 3D-Touch ability of my iPhoneXS. So accoring to my preference, button is maped as below:

    Press left section -> Left Shoulder Button (Break)
    Press right section -> Right Shoulder Button (Gas)
    Steering -> Left Joystick X-axis (Steer)
  • When run PC client for the first time, windows will ask you to give access to network connection, choose allow and re-run main.py


  • iOS client will crash if cable is unplugged when connected and running.
  • Must follow exact order 1-4 to connect iOS client to PC.
  • When device is rotated, steer will not rotate, so don’t do that.
  • Not sure what will happen if device don’t support 3D-Touch.

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