1. Introduction

When you scan the clothing tag, a 3D character appears and tells you the information on the clothes. You can select necessary information by pressing the button. Characters appear on the scanned camera screen, giving them a realistic experience using animation and voice. Users can receive services while feeling realistic, friendly, and convenient in an intuitive method.

2. I tested three clothes with tags to detect

  • Beige jacket
  • Black T-shirt
  • Gray knit

3. The tools and asset that I used

  • Voice: Naver clovadubbing
  • Button sound: Pixabay / Projector Button Push (GreekIrish)
  • Character: Sketchfab / Enoch (wardd)

4. Development information

  • Framework: ARKit, Scenekit, UIKit
  • Xcode 13
  • Tested device.: iPhone 11 / iOS 15

5. Execution screen



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