??‍♂️ zenmode: don’t let other apps distract you

When you activate zenmode you will not be able to open any new apps. You need to focus on the ones that are already opened. Ideally, you would have a task you have been procrastinating for a while, you would open only the necessary apps to finish said task, and then you would activate zenmode.

Alt Text

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  • ✅ Activate
  • ✅ Deactivate
  • ✅ Timer
  • ✅ Show minutes left in the status bar
  • ✅ Open at login
  • ? Block all notifications


I created this project after using the OnePlus Zen Mode app on a friend’s phone. You could set a time interval and you would not be able to do anything with your phone on that time interval (except receive calls).

After using this for a couple of hours on some boring tasks I was procrastinating I realized that I, now, not only think about the tasks I need to do but also the apps I need to use. Organizing this in advance allows me to not get distracted when I enter an app because I already know what I am going to use it for.



You can download the app here.


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The MIT License (MIT).


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