GenericLocalPersistence is a clean and easy-to-use code that is useful for integrating local storage like,

  • UserDefaults
  • PList
  • Keychain

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From CocoaPods
First, add the following line to your Podfile

pod install 'GenericLocalPersistence', '~> 0.0.1’

pod 'GenericLocalPersistence', :git => ''

Usage of UserDefault

import GenericLocalPersistence

Set & Get value from User Default

DefaultManager().saveValueInDefault(value: "TestValue", using: "TestKey")
let valueFetch:String = DefaultManager().getValue("TestKey") ?? ""

Usage of Plist

import GenericLocalPersistence

Set & Get value from plist file

Replace "userDetails" with custom name for creating plist file to store data

private let managerPlist = plistManager(named: "userDetails")
managerPlist?.saveDatatoPlist(value: "TestString Value", using: "TestKey")
let stringValue :String = managerPlist?.getDictionary(key: "TestKey") ?? ""

Usage of KeyChain

import GenericLocalPersistence

Set & Get value from KeyChain file

Store password value

let passWordString = textPassword?.text?.data(using: .utf8, allowLossyConversion: false) ?? Data()
let passwordStatus = KeyChainManager()?.save(key: "com.appBundleID.password", data: passWordString)

//Retrive data

if let receivedData = KeyChainManager()?.load(key: "com.appBundleID.password") {
    let data = String(decoding: receivedData, as: UTF8.self)
    print("result: ", data)

Store username value

let userNameString = textName?.text?.data(using: .utf8, allowLossyConversion: false) ?? Data()
let emailStatus = KeyChainManager()?.save(key: "", data: userNameString)

//Retrive data

if let data = KeyChainManager()?.load(key: "") {
    let data = String(decoding: data, as: UTF8.self)
    print("result: ", data)


Replace "com.appBundleID" with your project bundleID for KeyChain integration
Define the dataType in which you want to fetch the value and that’s the way you can get the stored value.


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Please make sure to update tests as appropriate.