Popflash is a SwiftUI-based project for the popular first-person shooter, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Popflash provides a curated catalogue of high-quality grenade line-up videos to assist players in developing round-winning strategies in competitive play.

Discover new grenade line-ups with the Featured tab.

  • [x] Firebase Function to update Featured daily
  • [x] Featured grenade line-up video
  • [ ] "More Like This" horizontal SrollView
  • [x] "More From [map]" NavigationLink
  • [x] "Top 5 on [map]" horizontal ScrollView


Find grenade line-ups by map. Filter by popularity, A-Z, Active Duty or Reserves Group.

  • [x] Map Cell
  • [x] Filter maps

Detail view:

  • [x] Animated header
  • [x] Add to favourites button
  • [x] Search function
  • [X] Filter by type, i.e. Smoke, Flashbang, Molotov, HE Grenade
  • [X] Filter by metadata, i.e. server tickrate


Save favourite grenade line-ups in the Favourites tab for easy access.

  • [x] Favourite maps horizontal ScrollView
  • [x] Favourite grenade line-ups vertical ScrollView
  • [X] Sort/edit favourite maps