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Testflight (iOS)


An app with “Threads” that does not collect your data. Providing everyone with a premium experience when interacting with federated link aggregators. Meanwhile, providing view libraries and solutions for others to implement their own interpretations.


Swift Compatibility Platform Compatibility License

My local environment: Xcode 14.2 or later // macOS (Intel) 12.6 or later // iOS 15.4 or later


  • Due to the nature of possible state schemas being changed. Saved data such as account information or bookmarks may be removed in future release versions (or not at all).
  • Keychain access warning. Keychain is only used for STORING your passwords and nothing else.


  • Translated into 28 languages (MTL)
  • Bookmarks are locally stored for offline viewing
  • IPFS Content generation (Add your own config, gateway, etc)
  • Login, Create Posts, Comments, Interact, update profiles as normal
  • Engravings (Coming Soon / iOS only), protect your OC against unwarranted reposts
  • Advanced Search (Coming Soon), turn any thread/post into a searchable interface powered by BERT
  • and much moreā€¦

Changelog // Developer updates


Loom uses Granite as a backing for components and services. The Components folder in this repo serves as a good example for many future components that may be needed. Any suggestions on Granite or other component layouts as a whole is greatly appreciated. Always feel free to open a PR and/or Issue.

Why Granite?

Mostly because of Relays. These work like environment objects, but are more flexible in initializations. No need to passdown directly. The ability to simply declare relays in any View or GraniteComponent allows for a more effective iterative process and cleaner context passing throughout the application.

@Relay var configService: ConfigService

Swift Packages


In an attempt to build a community around Loom as well, feel free to explore the places below!

  • @lemmy.world
  • Matrix Spaces: !cYiAYEKIMRaZcuuudA:matrix.org



The goal is to eventually have this be community driven. Until then, if you like my work and think these contributions are truly beneficial, feel free to support future updates and similar endeavors!

Bitcoin: bc1q83fh4mvd3crsux7mc39s4kkuf8rdy294y2stt0

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