İÜC Yemek

İÜC Yemek is a Swift application that helps you check and rate İstanbul Üniversitesi-Cerrahpaşa cafeteria meals. It provides features to fetch meal data from API, view meal details, and rate individual meal components.


  • Meal Data: Fetches meal data from API using the ApiService and displays it in a table view.
  • Meal Ratings: Allows users to rate individual meal components (main meal, side meal, soup, aperetive) using CosmosView.
  • View Details: Displays detailed information about a selected meal, including its components and ratings.

Project Structure

The project is organized into several key components:

  • ApiService.swift: Handles fetching meal list data from the API.

  • Meal.swift: Defines the data structure for meals.

  • MealViewModel.swift: Manages meal data and ratings.

  • MealsTableViewCell.swift: A custom table view cell for displaying meal information and ratings.

  • MealDetailsViewController.swift: Displays detailed information about a selected meal and allows users to rate meal components.

  • ListViewController.swift: Lists and displays meal ratings stored in Core Data.

  • CoreDataManager.swift: Manages Core Data operations for storing and retrieving meal ratings.

  • CoreDataViewModel.swift: Interacts with Core Data to manage meal ratings.



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