NY Times is a Minimal News newspaper_roll iOS application built to describe the use of SwiftSoup and CoreData with SwiftUI.


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Bookmark a Article using 3D Touch. Deleting bookmarks is just one swipe away

⚙️ Requirements

iOS 14+
Xcode 12 beta 3

:warning: This App is compiled with Xcode 12 beta 3. Using other versions of xcode might break the project.

? What you can learn?

  • You can learn Technologies like
    • SwiftUI
    • CoreData
    • Combine
    • Web Scraping
  • You can learn various Design patterns from this project such as
    • Dependency injection
    • Repository
    • Singleton
    • Observers
  • You can learn MVVM Two way binding Architecture for SwiftUI with Combine framework

? Technical Background

  • NYTimes App was made using SwiftUI as the Core interface with Two Way Binding MVVM Architecture using Combine framework.
  • CoreData is used to store the Article Bookmarks offline in device so that the user can access it at later time.
  • SwiftSoup is used to scrap the required details from the NYTimes website.
  • The User interface of this app mostly uses the inbuilt iOS components to keep the User experience close to the native feel.
  • Bookmarks can be added as easy as a 3d-touch from Homescreen or a tap in bookmark icon in the detailed article screen.
  • This project was built in the mindset of modularity and good coding patterns. Multiple design patterns like Dependency injection, Repository pattern, Singleton Pattern etc.

? Dependencies

This project uses SPM (Swift Package Manager) as Dependency manager.

Project Structure

NYTimes                 # Root Group
├── Utilities           # Utilities for Fetching data ans Scraping HTML
├── Globals             # Contains App constants
├── Persistence         # Coredata files. Contains coredata model and Singleton for ManagedObjectContext
├── Views               # SwiftUI Views
├── Repository          # Repository for Coredata
├── ViewModel           # Viewmodels for SwiftUI Views
├── Model               # Model files
|   └── Coredata Model  # Coredata model subclasses
└── Supporting files    # Misc. files like Appdelegate, SceneDelegate.


This app uses MVVM architecture.


? Contact

Drop a mail to:- [email protected]