iOS is a Photo App for iOS that aims to replace proprietary photo applications. It offers features such as taking photos, adding filters, editing images and uploading them to social networks.


  • [ ] Click beautiful images using the app. Use various advanced scene modes and variety of balance modes.

  • [ ] Use your voice actions to invoke Camera, Just say "Hey Siri click a picture". You can also select front and rear camera based on voice.

  • [ ] Browse the local gallery inside the app with folder and all photos mode. Copy, move and add a description to the images.

  • [ ] Edit images with various cool filters with optimized performance, built using GPUImage framework.

  • [ ] Enhance contrast, hue, satur, temp, tint, and sharpness of the image.

  • [ ] Use 'Crop and rotate' features from Transform section to get your perfect image.

  • [ ] Apply different stickers - facial, express, objects, comments, wishes, emojis, hashtag.

  • [ ] Write anything on the images in your handwriting!.

  • [ ] Easily go back and forth with 'redo' and 'undo'.

  • [ ] Finally, after all this editing you can easily share the image to your favourite social media sites with our easy-to-use sharing feature.

  • [ ] Facebook, Twitter, NextCloud, OwnCloud, Imgur, Dropbox, Box, Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Tumblr - You name it and we have it covered.

Setting up the iOS Project

  1. Clone the repo
$ git clone
  1. Navigate to the project folder
$ cd phimpme-iOS
  1. Open Phimpme.xcodeproj from the folder.

  2. Build the project (⌘+B) and check for any errors.

  3. Run the app (⌘+R).and test it.


Following design is using for app development:

![SplashScreen](/content/images/2018/06/SplashScreen.png) ![MenuScreen](/content/images/2018/06/MenuScreen.png) ![GalleryScreen](/content/images/2018/06/GalleryScreen.png)
![CameraScreen](/content/images/2018/06/CameraScreen.png) ![AccountsScreen](/content/images/2018/06/AccountsScreen.png) ![SettingsScreen](/content/images/2018/06/SettingsScreen.png)
![AlertScreen](/content/images/2018/06/AlertScreen.png) ![EditingScreen](/content/images/2018/06/EditingScreen.png) ![ShareScreen](/content/images/2018/06/ShareScreen.png)

Branch Policy

Note: For the initialization period all commits go directly to the master branch. In the next stages we follow the branch policy as below:

We have the following branches

  • ipa -
    All the automatic builds generates, i.e., the ipas go into this branch
  • master -
    This contains the stable code. After significant features/bugfixes are accumulated on development, we move it to master.
  • development -
    All development goes on in this branch. If you're making a contribution,
    you are supposed to make a pull request to development.