A Project Aiming To Improve The Living Conditions Of Stray Animals With SwiftUI.



  • Mamazu is trying to help you to find your missing friends. By adding the information of our disappeared friend into the system, you can ensure that nearby users are notified.

  • With Mamazu, you can mark the location of stray animals that you think need help, and then let users deliver their help to that location.

  • Your location will be automatically marked on the registration screen. It is enough for you to inform the users in detail.

  • The more detailed information you can write about the location, the users who will go to help will reach the location completely.

  • You can see how long you can reach the marked location by Walk or Vehicle.

Test User

Username : [email protected]
Password: test

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Do not forget that; We are the ones who will mark the locations and bring food and water there. It is indescribable to know that there are good-hearted people like you and that we could be instrumental in such a formation even if it was small.