Bank Wallet (iOS)

BANK Wallet is a secure and a fully decentralized crypto wallet app that supports all major cryptocurrencies.

This wallet provides a seamless and secure way to get started with Bitcoin and other crypto currencies for masses. It has been built using best practices on all fronts ranging from the design of the interface to the implementation of blockchain protocols.

This wallet is an independent crypto bank.

The BANK wallet has been designed for everyone. You don't need to understand the inner workings of cryptocurrencies to be able to use it on daily basis and participate in this economy. Check out all BANK wallet screens here.


Independent & Decentralized

The BANK wallet is fully peer-to-peer and works without any centrally managed servers. As a result it can't be stopped, blocked or taken down. The wallet connects directly to the currency networks i.e. Bitcoin using an SPV protocol. Such technical approach enables the BANK wallet to operate anywhere and remain censorship-resitant as long as there is an internet connection.

Because the wallet doesn't rely on any central servers it will continue working and allow users to access and spend funds at any time. You and only you are in full control of the money on your balance. That makes the BANK wallet trully decentralized and independent!

It should be noted that a large majority of the crypto wallet apps out there don't really give users full control of their funds. Usually the funds are stored on a remote server operated and controlled by the wallet provider. This essentially means that a person have to REALLY trust a third party with the funds because users have limited control over the funds. Due to the unregulated nature of the cryptocurrencies there are no mechanisms in place to guarantee that a wallet provider doesn't cheat.

Secure & Open Source

The entire code of the wallet is open source giving an option for anyone to analyze all of its code. It works exactly as shown in the code. It can't cheat!

The BANK wallet stores user's private keys and funds encrypted on device using secure native storage mechanisms provided by iOS and Android operating systems. Only user can access and use his or her funds. The wallet also provides an option to set an unlock PIN for an app as a precaution against the loss of your phone.

In case of a device loss or replacement the user may easily restore the wallet using a secret 12-word recovery phrase. Infact, with the help of these secret phrase the user may restore the wallet and access funds on any deterministic wallet (aka HD wallet) not just the BANK wallet.

NOTE: We DO NOT recommend installing BANK wallet on jailbroken devices due to substantial security risks. A jailbroken iOS or Android opearting systems can not guarantee the securely of your private keys. This means that some malicious app running on jailbroken device can potentially access the private keys for your funds and steal them.

Source code:

Existing and Upcoming Features

Being a fully decentralized app the BANK wallet implements all of its functionality in a decentralized manner. Most of the standard features that users are used to see in every day applications require some kind of centrally managed server with a database.

When it comes to the BANK wallet, everything that you currently see and going to see in the app is implemented in a decentralized manner substantially increasing the security and privacy aspects of the wallet.

Upcoming features:

  • support for all cryptocurrencies in top 100 list on CoinMarketCap.
  • multi-lingual design and user interface.
  • import multiple wallets into the app.
  • support for multiple wallets each having its own balance and list of currencies.
  • privately swap/exchange one cryptocurrency to another.
  • ability to label transactions and addresses.
  • integrated block explorer to get status on transactions, blocks and payment addresses.
  • option to put a portion of your funds into a secure stand-alone paper wallet.