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SystemImagePicker is a SwiftUI View providing a cross-platform and highly customizable Picker-like component for selecting SF Symbols.


Swift Package Manager (Xcode 11 and above)

  1. Select File/Swift Packages/Add Package Dependency… from the menu.
  2. Paste
  3. Follow the steps.


The easiest way to present the Picker is through the provided View extension methods.

struct SomeView: View {
    @State private var isPresentingSymbols: Bool = false
    @State private var symbol: String?
    var body: some View {    
        Button("Choose a SF Symbol") { 
            isPresentingSymbols = true 
            isPresented: $isPresentingSymbols, 
            selection: $symbol

But you can also initialize SystemImagePicker directly.


SystemImagePicker supports the widest variety of features of any SF Symbols picker.

  • Sectioned and un-sectioned SF Symbols
  • Defaults for both sectioned and un-sectioned pickers
  • Filter or pass your own subset of SF Symbols to pick from
  • Support both precise and human readable search (e.g. "circle.fill" returns only circle.fill, but "circle fill" or "fill circle" returns all SF Symbols having a combination of both words)
  • Dismiss automatically on selection or wait for user input with .systemImagePickerDismissOnSelection(false)
  • Allow for no selection using Optionals
  • Pixel-perfect padding using fully dynamic cell sizing
  • Identifiable and RawRepresentable support in place of String SF Symbol name if you wanna be extra safe or you’re using another library abstraction
  • Bring your own style or branding with SystemImagePickerStyle conformance
  • Support for SF Symbols 5 and visionOS

And much more!


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Milestones, issues, are the best way to keep updated with active developement. Feel free to contribute by sending a pull request. Just remember to refer to our guidelines and Code of Conduct beforehand.


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