Climate Spiral in visionOS

Very simple AR app in visionOS, that shows the climate spiral, which is known as a way to visualize global surface temperature change.

  • Build: Xcode 15 beta 6 (Beta 6+ is required for some issues of beta 3-5), macOS 14 beta
  • Target: visionOS 1.0 beta (You can run the app with the Vision Pro simulator of Xcode 15.)

Since this project is based on the beta software, this repository is temporal and will be deleted after a while.


This project shows some features of RealityKit in visionOS;

  • Geometry and material generation at run-time : makes the spiral 3d model from the temperature data.
  • Time series animation with Entity Component System : plays annual and monthly temperature changes.
  • Particle system : adds a visual effect and preset particles make it easy to use.


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