IGProgress Lottie - Swift

Manager of progress using Lottie JSON, simple implemetation for your project Xcode.

Important Info:

Create folder into project:



      import IGLottieProgress

      //Insert your json resource into project.
        IGProgress.config.urlLottieJson = "YOUR JSON LOTTIE NAME"
        // Set a time out for finish process.
        IGProgress.config.timer = 8
        //End your progress loading in any func
        self.IGPStartLoading(config: IGProgress.config) // <--- Start the progress

Start Progress:

self.IGPStartLoading(config: IGProgress.config)

Remove progress:


Option table:

Config Type Description
urlLottieJson String Insert your json resource into project.
timer Int Set a time out for finish process.
message String Do your need add any message use this option
sizeTextMessage CGFloat Resize the text message
fontColorMessage UIColor Change color text message
backgroundColor UIColor Set color background for your windows.
alpha CGFloat Set apha color for windows, this normal is 0.5
contentMode UIView.ContentMode If do you need scale the animation use content mode
hight Int Set new size hight
width Int Set new size width
animationSpeed CGFloat Animation speed

Example View:

Simulator-Screen-Shot---iPhone-SE--2nd-generation----2021-05-11-at-20.21.00 Simulator-Screen-Shot---iPhone-SE--2nd-generation----2021-05-11-at-20.21.17