A simple yet customizable horizontal picker view.

The Swift port of AKPickerView.

Works on iOS 7 and 8.


###CocoaPods: In your Podfile:

pod "AKPickerView-Swift"

And in your *.swift:

import AKPickerView_Swift

###Carthage: In your Cartfile:

github "Akkyie/AKPickerView-Swift"

And in your *.swift:

import AKPickerView

###Manual Install Add AKPickerView.swift into your Xcode project.


  1. Instantiate and set delegate and dataSource as you know,

self.pickerView = AKPickerView(frame: <#frame#>)
self.pickerView.delegate = self
self.pickerView.dataSource = self
  1. then specify the number of items using AKPickerViewDataSource,
func numberOfItemsInPickerView(pickerView: AKPickerView) -> Int {}
  1. and contents to be shown. You can use either texts or images:

func pickerView(pickerView: AKPickerView, titleForItem item: Int) -> NSString {}
// OR
func pickerView(pickerView: AKPickerView, imageForItem item: Int) -> UIImage {}
  • Using both texts and images are currently not supported. When you implement both, titleForItem will be called and the other won’t.
  • You currently cannot specify image sizes; AKPickerView shows the original image in its original size. Resize your images in advance if you need.
  1. You can change its appearance with properties below:

var font: UIFont
var highlightedFont: UIFont
var textColor: UIColor
var highlightedTextColor: UIColor
var interitemSpacing: CGFloat
var viewDepth: CGFloat
var pickerViewStyle: AKPickerViewStyle

- All cells are laid out depending on the largest font, so large differnce between the sizes of *font* and *highlightedFont* is NOT recommended.  
- viewDepth property affects the perspective distortion. A value near the screen's height or width is recommended.
  1. After all settings, never forget to reload your picker.
  1. Optional: You can use AKPickerViewDelegate methods to observe selection changes:
func pickerView(pickerView: AKPickerView, didSelectItem item: Int) {}

Additionally, you can also use UIScrollViewDelegate methods to observe scrolling.

For more detail, see the sample project.


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