Live Activity Example

Example how to make, update and end Live Activity. With Dynamic Island and Lock Screen. Full tutorial available at

Live Activity already enabled for upload with Xcode 14.1 RC.

Note Supported only for iOS >=16.1

Preparing Project

Add Widget target:

Or skip it if already supporting widgets. Next add to Info.plist key Supports Live Activities to true:


Define Model

Define model-data. There is dynamic and static properties. Dynamic can be updated in time and make changes in UI. Static using only for launch Live Activity.

struct ActivityAttribute: ActivityAttributes {
    public struct ContentState: Codable, Hashable {
        // Dynamic properties.
        // Can be updated when Live Actvity created.
        var dynamicStringValue: String
        var dynamicIntValue: Int
        var dynamicBoolValue: Bool
    // Static properties.
    // Used only when make live actvity.
    // Can't update it later.
    var staticStringValue: String
    var staticIntValue: Int
    var staticBoolValue: Bool

Add UI

Define Widget wrapper:

struct LiveActivityWidget: Widget {
    let kind: String = "LiveActivityWidget"
    var body: some WidgetConfiguration {
        ActivityConfiguration(for: ActivityAttribute.self) { context in
            // UI for lock screen
        } dynamicIsland: { context in
            // UI for Dynamic Island


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