A user-friendly and developer-friendly carousel framework. ETCarouSwift receives a bunch of images and creates a smooth infinite ride inside the given frame. Dragging is also avaliable along with other handy settings. Simple, light and flawless.




  • iOS 13.0+
  • XCode 11.3



You can use CocoaPods to install ETCarouSwift by adding it to your Podfile:

# Pods for YourProject

   pod 'ETCarouSwift'


  1. Download ETCarouSwiftDemo
  2. Drag ETCarouSwift.framework to the root of Your Project
  3. Don't forget to check copy items if needed
  4. Enjoy


  1. Download ETCarouSwift repo
  2. Copy ETCarouSwift folder into YourProject
  3. That's it


Get started

To get the full benefits import ETCarouSwift wherever you import UIKit

import UIKit
import ETCarouSwift 

Initialize CarouView with desired frame and bunch of images. Set rideDirection as well if needed. Default is .rightToLeft:

let images:[UIImage] = [UIImage(named: "1")!,
                        UIImage(named: "2")!,
                        UIImage(named: "3")!,
                        UIImage(named: "4")!,
                        UIImage(named: "5")!]
 let frame = CGRect(x: 10, y: 100, width: 300, height: 200)
 let carouView = CarouView(frame: frame, imageSet: images, rideDirection: .leftToRight)

Add CarouView to the main view:



  1. AutoRide is enabled by default. If you want to cancel it:
carouView.autoRideEnabled = false
  1. Page indicator dot color & current dot color:
carouView.dotColor = UIColor.white
carouView.currentDotColor =
  1. Dot size. Default is .small
carouView.dotSize = .medium
  1. Show time. Default is 2 seconds. Relevant when autoRide is enabled.
carouView.showTime = 3.5


Make your controller an inheritor of CarouViewDelegate protocol:

class ViewController:UIViewController, CarouViewDelegate {

Initialize you carouView delegate with your controller property:

carouView.delegate = self

Use two delegate methods:

func carouViewDidChangeImage(_ carouView: CarouView, index currentImageIndex: Int) {
    //Do something when image changed
func carouView(_ carouView: CarouView, didTapImageAt index: Int) {
    //Do something on image tap