• A new way to create Launch Screen in iOS 14 app development image

  • MapKit integration, SwiftUI 2 Grid layout and traditional list view with navigation link image

  • iMessage Extension: Sticker Pack image


  • JSON with Swift (basic and advanced approach),

  • Grid Layouts (basic and advanced approach with a cool feature),

  • MapKit Integration (basic and advanced approach with another cool feature),

  • Video Player (new SwiftUI 2 feature),

  • Launch Screen (new way),

  • Swift programming concept: Extension,

  • Swift programming concept: Generics,

  • Prototype the whole application with SwiftUI 2 framework,

  • Design and improve the User Experience,

  • iMessage Sticker Pack,

  • Bring the full iPadOS app to macOS 11 Big Sur using Mac Catalyst technology,

  • Learn what is Pseudocode and why it is important,

  • What is a Bundle and Extension in app development and how to use them, etc.


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