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An app that help students to find places where they can study near to them .

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Key Features

  • Search Bar
    • Instantly find your point of interest.
  • Apple Map implemented with MapKit
  • Show current user location
  • Work Offline with CoreData
  • Custom Map Annotations for each point of interest
  • Show important information about each point of interest

How To Use

You can build the project using Xcode connected with your Iphone.

Used Framework:

import SwiftUI
import MapKit
import CoreData
import Foundation

You can add coreData attribute here:

import Foundation
import CoreData

extension Item {

    @nonobjc public class func fetchRequest() -> NSFetchRequest<Item> {
        return NSFetchRequest<Item>(entityName: "Item")

    @NSManaged public var name: String
    @NSManaged public var id: UUID?
    @NSManaged public var silentPlace: Bool
    @NSManaged public var loudPlace: Bool
    @NSManaged public var address: String
    @NSManaged public var placeDescription: String
    @NSManaged public var imageName: String
    @NSManaged public var point: Bool
    @NSManaged public var latitude: Double
    @NSManaged public var longitude: Double
    @NSManaged public var time: String


extension Item : Identifiable {


Note You need to have Privacy key inside your Custom Ios target properties!


Russo Giovanni M.

Carmine Cinquegrana

Sofia Esposito

Filomena Stellino





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