An app to count down the days until upcoming milestones. We all have something to look forward to.

Built to try out the Swift Composable Architecture, SwiftUI and Combine.

List Context Menu Edit Calendar

Building & Running

Tested with Xcode 12.2. Requires iOS 14.0 or later.

Known Issues

Unfortunately SwiftUI is still buggy as of iOS 14.2. Here are some of the issues impacting this app that I’m aware of:

  1. FB7736428: Navigation bar buttons are sometimes unresponsive after dismissing the edit modal.
  2. No way to programmatically make TextField the first responder without resorting to UITextField (mitigated).


The videos and library from Point Free. Highly recommend both.

The RKCalendar project, which I used and incrementally modified for the calendar functionality.

The SwiftUI-Introspect library to fix bugs or address limitations in SwiftUI.