TravelPlanner is an app that allows users to plan their upcoming trips, create a bucket list of the places they want to visit and explore the most popular destinations and local places.

About the Developer

TravelPlanner was created by Tatiana Bondarenko. Learn more about the developer on LinkedIn.

Tech Stack

iOS Development: Swift, SwiftUI, URLSession, JSON Persistence Framework: MapKit APIs: Yelp, random-data-api, Triposo, Geocodify

Features ?

Search for cities/countries, add them to the list of your future trips and get notified about your upcoming trips

Change your trip details by adding notes, dates and things to pack

Trip List

Create your own bucket list to save places you want to visit

Trip List

Pin places you want to visit on the map

Trip List

Explore the most popular cities and local places

Trip List

Share your trip details on social media

Trip List

The app, also, has support for English, Russian, Spanish and Korean languages; Onboarding; and ability for users to send a feedback/support email

Setup/Installation ⌨️


  • Swift5
  • Yelp, Geocodify and Triposo API keys

To have this app running on your local computer, please follow the below steps:

Clone repository:

$ git clone

Get your own secret keys? for Yelp, Triposo and Geocodify. Save them to a file Config.xcconfig. Your file should look something like this:

API_KEY = xyz
TOKEN = abc


  • Add ability for users to upload attachments (ex. boarding passes, hotel reservations, etc.)
  • Add day by day trip planner
  • Add user registration and authorization process
  • Add ability for users to archive their previous trips
  • Add localization for more languages


Copyright (c) 2022 Tatiana Bondarenko


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