An iOS based mobile application that allows UMD students to plan their upcoming semester schedules.


  • Swift – Primary language used to develop the application
  • SwiftUI – Framework to develop the frontend portion of the application
  • Firebase – Database used on the backend of the application
  • umd.io – API used to obtain real-time course information for the upcoming semester


  • View your weekly schedule with your classes on a hour by hour interval
  • Search for courses, read course information, lookup individual sections, and add/delete courses from your schedule
  • Navigate to anywhere on campus and find directions, determine estimated travel time, and distance between locations
  • Schedule reminders for your registration date and receive notifications on your phone
  • Provide course reviews and rating


Course Look-up

Add/Delete Courses

Campus Navigation

Registration notification

Course Review


Subodh Khanal, Caleb Arcelius, Gavin Mealy, Rachel Modi


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